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H-CAT™ has done it again!            Intoducing - the new P-12R Preamplifier now with Ultra High Resolution Audio (UHRA) X9 Doppler Control System - delivering unprecedented LIVE three dimensional musical performances with no tricks and no gimmicks!        It is pure analog and pure magic.            If you like what Blu-Ray has done for your picture - then its time to get H-CAT™ for your audio.     Call 856-204-HCAT

H-CAT Preamp

H-CAT™ enters a brand new category...

Ultra High Resolution Audio (UHRA)

  H-CAT™ P-12R is Doppler-Free with remote control and HT Bypass

2 Channel / 4 Input Line Stage / Wavefront Timing Control


NEW - Phono Update with Ultra High Resolution Audio!

H-CAT PH-300 Phono Stage

The H-CAT™ PH-300 Phono Stage

now contains the X9 Doppler Control System

Selectable gain MM/MC (40db/60db)

Ruler flat (RIAA 20Hz - 20KHz)

Rear panel cartridge loading



NEW - Product Update!


Introducing the H-CAT™ DAC with USB input and X9 Doppler Control System.      This breakthrough Doppler-Free DAC contains the highest resolution analog stage on the market.      Hearing is believing.    Call 856-204-HCAT

Dac_DA2.jpg (20151 bytes)

The H-CAT™ USB DAC with
Ultra High Resolution Audio


Connects to any PC/Mac - or better yet... try it with the new Music Vault Pearl Plus

"A marriage made in audio heaven" - Neal Van Berg from Sound Science Cat

NEW - Power Amplifier Update (UHRA)*

H-CAT Power Amp

H-CAT™ DF-100.2 Stereo Power Amplifier

100 Watts RMS per channel / X9 Doppler Control System

* Ultra High Resolution Audio


H-CAT™ Facts from Roger Paul

  • H-CAT™ does not involve the use of opposite channel information or phase inversion or crosstalk.
  • H-CAT™ does not use negative feed back (NFB) to remove distortion.
  • H-CAT™ is 100% pure analog and has no sampling or digitizing or processing of any kind.
  • The Wavefront Timing Control really does adjust the timing of the wavefront.
  • The WTC allows the output of the H-CAT™ preamplifier to successfully interface with the rest of your system.

     The bottom line is simply to be in the same room with this technology and to listen for yourself. When properly set up - the playback electronics including your speakers will "disappear" and your listening room will be magically "spliced" to the original venue - ranging from an intimate booth to a full size concert hall with an unlimited number of instruments, each occupying their own space.

Unlike conventional systems - no matter how complex the score, the natural display of this acoustic image will remain true.


Home Theater Bypass + Wavefront Timing Control

     Yes it has home theater bypass (HTB) and yes you can still use the Wavefront Timing Control in this mode. This allows you to trim the velocity of the soundtracks of your favorite movies. When switching to this mode - the letters “VOL” on the display will switch to “HTB” to remind you that the volume setting is independent for this input and is stored in memory.

Making the most of H-CAT™

     The manual recommends a "star" ground where the preamplifier alone is grounded to a wall outlet and everthing else is ungrounded. This is the only way to assure you have no ground loops. Please try this - the results are worth it. This is true even if you don't own H-CAT™

Made in U.S.A.     Made in U.S.A.

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Erial, NJ 08081
Phone: 856-204-HCAT


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